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Presidents of Hampshire Counter Amateur Swimming Association


1908 G. W. TILL Winchester SC
1909 C. E. BROWN Portsmouth Clarence SC
1910 W. F. WOODLAND Southampton SC
1911 Rev. H. VAUGHAN JOHNSON Winchester SC
1912 R. H. ALDWORTH Bournemouth SC
1913 F. J. COWARD Portsmouth SC
1914-19 J. R. TUTTE Southampton SC
1920 F. OWEN PALMER Bournemouth SC


1921 F. E. ROWLAND Portsmouth SC
1922 C. F. PETTY Southampton ASC
1923-24 Ald. J. F. LEE Gosport Ath. SC
1925-26 W. HALE Bournemouth SC
1927 H. WHITE Winchester SC
1928 E. H. L. HOUSE Southampton ASC
1929 W. J. SMITH Portsmouth SC
1930 F. HOAD Bournemouth SC
1931 Sptd. C. W. GOULD Gosport SC
1932 Capt. KEITH GLADSTONE MC Ringwood SC
1933 W. A. WELLER Winchester Itchen
1934 B. C. BRITTEN Southampton CB
1935 E. H. EASON Portsmouth SC
1936 E. J. MARSH Bournemouth SC
1937 A. W. WHITE Gosport SC
1938 C. BARTLETT Southampton Amateurs
1939-40 W. S. ROWE Portsmouth SC


1941-46 W. S. ROWE Portsmouth SC
1947 S. W. G. WADHAM Bournemouth SC
1948 E. D. SEBBORN Southampton County Borough SC
1949 A. J. GOOCH Bramtoco SC
1950 D. C. HALLUM Southampton Amateurs SC
1951 Mrs. O. L. WADHAM Bournemouth SC
1952 R. R. MacGIBBON Southampton & District S&WPA
1953 E. H. GRIFFITHS Winchester City Penguins SC
1954 H. C. LEE Portsmouth Schools SA
1955 J. W. PHIPPARD Southampton County Borough SC
1956 Capt. G. B. C. BRITTON CBE Southampton County Borough SC
1957 L. C. RUSSELL Southampton County Borough SC
1958 W. F. RENDELL Southampton ASC
1959 L. G. HOWE Southampton Schools ASC
1960 M. S. ALLENBY Southampton County Borough SC


1961 J. N. UNDERHILL Bournemouth SC
1962 G. A. BRACEGIRDLE Ordnance Survey SC
1963 W. S. ROWE Portsmouth SC
1964 Mrs. A. M. HANNANT Southampton Schools SA
1965 J. W. BARTLETT Ringwood SC
1966 S. W. G. WADHAM Bournemouth SC
1967 J. E. C. MOOREY Portsmouth Northsea SC
1968 H. C. PHILLIPS Andover SC
1969 Mrs. B. M. BUTTERFIELD Portsmouth Schools SA
1970 F. G. E. LOWTHER Portsmouth and District SA
1971 E. H. GRIFFITHS Winchester City Penguins SC
1972 Mrs. H. BELL Portsmouth and District SA
1973 W. F. RENDELL City of Southampton SC
1974 Miss C. G. BEER Bournemouth SC
1975 R. F. CARTER Hampshire Schools SA
1976 Mrs. M. M. HOWE Bournemouth Dolphins SC
1977 Mr. M. C. P. FIRMIN Rushmoor Synchronized SC
1978 Mrs. D. LEASK Portsmouth SC
1979 Mr. L. G. HOWE Bournemouth Dolphins SC
1980 Mrs B. J. LOWTHER Portsmouth Northsea SC


1981 Lt. Col. E. J. RANSLEY MBE MC Rushmoor Royals SC
1982 S. E. L. FELGATE City of Southampton SC
1983 Mrs. E. V. RUSSELL Rushmoor Synchronized SC
1984 J. P. M. LEE Gosport Vincent SC
1985 B. W. WELCH Rushmoor Royals SC
1986 D. J. MILES Hart SC
1987 D. G. TAYLOR Gosport Dolphins SC
1988 A. J. GORING Portsmouth Victoria SC
1989 R. J. G. LOVEMAN Hampshire Schools SA
1990 D. KEMP Andover SC
1991 Mrs. M. GORING Portsmouth Victoria SC
1992 D. HILL Seagulls SC
1993 Mrs. M. J. BELL City of Southampton SC
1994 J. RAMSAY Hart SC
1995 Mrs. M. OSTLER Rushmoor Royals SC
1996 Mrs. P. A. KEMP Andover SC
1997 Mrs. B. J. FIRMIN Rushmoor Synchronized SC
1998 A. J. ALDERMAN Southampton Diving Club
1999 P. COLLETT Solent SC
2000 M. C. P. FIRMIN Rushmoor Synchronized SC


2001 Jane DAVIES Fareham Nomads SC
2002 Mary COLLETT Solent SC & City of Southampton SC
2003 Brian RIDLER Andover SC
2004 Sue LAMBERT Basingstoke and District ASC
2005 Mike PAGE Rushmoor Royals SC
2006 George ADAMSON City of Southampton SC
2007 John DAVIES Gosport Dolphins SC
2008 Anne WHITE Portsmouth Northsea SC
2009 Pauline HOGG Guernsey SC
2010 Janet SELLEY Rushmoor Synchronized SC
2011 Mike LAMBERT Basingstoke Bluefins SC
2012-2013 Jenny BALL Isle of Wight Marlins SC

HCASA President 2012-13

Jenny Ball

Jenny Ball