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Calendar: British Gas Hampshire County Championships 2011

Date: 26-27 Feb 2011
Location: Portsmouth, Waterlooville

British Gas Hampshire County Championships 2011


  • 26th/27th February 2011, Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth - Distance and Relays (long course)
  • 5th/6th March 2011, Waterlooville - BAGCATS (short course)
  • 12th/13th March 2011, Mountbatter Centre, Portsmouth - Youth (long course)

Competition information

Ages as at 13th March 2011.
Entries are now closed.

IMPORTANT CHANGE. Based on advice from the ASA, the qualifying period for this competition has been extended. All submitted times must have been set in a licensed competition on or after 1st May 2010.

Errors in BAGCAT calculations

Please see the open letter from Mike Lambert to all swimmers, coaches and parents regarding the errors that were made in the calculation of BAGCAT point totals in the age group competition.

Team Declaration Form

You may now download the team declaration form. It is available in MS Word and PDF formats.

If possible, complete the form in advance and send it as an attachment by e-mail to If you cannot do this, you MUST submit a completed form before the start of warm-up for team events.

I will have copies of presubmitted declaration forms on poolside. You will be permitted to make changes on the day.
If you submit names in advance, even if you then change the names, the names of your swimmers will appear on the scoreboard and results sheets; validated first leg split times will be submitted to ASA rankings.

Please note that you must provide details of any swimmers who have not entered individual events on the second page of the declaration form.

Changes to Championship Conditions

Some changes have been made to clarify championship conditions, annotated in red.

  1. To reflect a change to the qualifying period, as recommended by the ASA
  2. To make provision for finals for selected BAGCAT events
  3. To clarify that BAGCAT points are taken from heats only

Younger swimmers entering Open/Youth Championships

The Open/Junior Championships are held concurrently with the Youth Championships aimed at girls 14 years and above and boys 15 years and above.

Younger swimmers may enter the Open/Junior Championships providing that they have achieved the qualifying time for age 14 years (girls) and age 15. The online entry system validates all times against the open times. If you get a message that times are outside the qualifying times, check carefully that the time does in fact meet the age 14/15 time and then resubmit the entry. It will be accepted second time.


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Latest Update

Latest Update by Mike Lambert at 00:30 on 14 Mar 2011:

Thank you to eeveryone who contributed to the success of this weekend. That includes swimmers, coaches, parents, officials and other volunteers.

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